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I am working on an AIX server. I have a dos file named on this server. I have used dos2unix and unix2dos to convert dos files to. Converting Text Files for Use on DOS or AIX: ITEM: FAX Dated: 99/01/08~ Category: cmd. This HTML file was generated. (cc -o aix2dos aix2dos.c) ==== /* usage = aixtodos fileout */ #include "" stdio.h"" #include ""stdlib.h"" #include ""fcntl.h"" int c; FILE *filein.

Where the h are the aix2dos and dos2aix in AIX 5L???? I try to find them in the CDs and in the Linux CD too. NO WAY. Reading old. Hi, I am using aix2dos utility in AIX to convert the files to dos format when transferring from Unix to DOS. We are migrating to AIX. 1. dos2aix aix2dos which lpp? Hi all, I've installed AIX and now I need to use dos2aix and aix2dos. I found some reference in a. Comp.

versions of AIX, but they're downloadable. There used to be dos2aix and aix2dos commands in AIX V3 and V, but they're gone now. But you should be able to find aix2dos and dos2aix to do in-place conversion of text files. Of course, the difference is only the end-of-line sequence, so if you're. This freeware should provide the same features as "dos2aix" and "aix2dos", which mysteriously disappeared from AIX Thanks to Jonathan Jude for the. DOS Server also includes a set of utilities, AIX2DOS and DOS2AIX, that convert DOS Version and AIX text files to the respective operating system format.


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